Decentrio provide software solutions and infrastructure services, as well as an active contributor for the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem.

Validation, Relaying &

Open Source Software


Why Should You Choose Us?

Elevate your experience by choosing us for your blockchain endeavors. We encapsulates the core reasons why Decentrio stand out
Deep ecosystem expertise
As contributors, builders, and operators within the Cosmos ecosystem, we bring extensive experience in core stack logic, development, node operation flow, and more. Our engineers have contributed to major projects (Cosmos, Osmosis, Juno, etc.) and operated validators and relayers on multiple chains.
Fast response time
Regardless of your geographical location or time zone, our unwavering dedication to superior service is evident. Operating on dedicated rotating shifts 24/7, our team ensures that customers, no matter where they are, receive the fastest response times possible.
Dedicated to the community
As dedicated members of the community, we find immense joy in offering support to fellow members and node operators, extending our assistance not only in emergencies and operational challenges but also in various other scenarios, fostering a culture of mutual aid and collaboration.

How Decentrio Empowers Your Business?

Whether you need infrastructure support, blockchain engineering, or consulting - Decentrio is what you need.
Software Solution
We provide software works to help your business solve difficult problems. Which includes design and develop features, maintainace works and keeping up to date with the dependencies for source code and code auditing.
Endpoint Provision
We provide public and private node infrastructure services.
IBC Relaying
IBC is a core feature of the whole Cosmos ecosystem and the relayer are the heart of it. We provide excellent relayer services with fast respond time and 24/7 monitor.
As a validator, we provide a low miss block rate validator and are fast to respond for all emergencies and non-emergencies upgrades. And as a part of the community, we offer support to other members and validators.
Emergency Response
We have our team members on a rotate shifts to stay online 24/7 to ensure fast respond time when there is a critical incidents.
Tech Advising
Strategic guidance for navigating complex technology decisions, including software solutions, endpoint provision, IBC relaying, validation, and emergency response.

Stake With Us

We partner with chains across the ecosystem and work together to succeed.

Our Clients

Decentrio has a full on-site team of experienced engineers building from the foundations to launch and beyond. We provide everything consulting initial ideas, tokenomics, go-to-market strategy, blockchain engineering, relaying, marketing advise and more. Set up a call with our team to see how your project can benefit from Decentrio’s support.

Meet Our Team

Khanh Nguyen
Vuong Nguyen
Son Trinh
Du Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen
Dang Vu
Hoang Do
Hieu Vu
Duc Nguyen
Dung Do
Nguyen Ngo


Ethan Frey
Co-founder of Confio and Father of CosmWasm

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